Does Carolina Health Insurance Cover Long-Term Care?

It’s very common for people to have family members that need long-term care, but it can be difficult to care for someone with special needs if you’re not a trained nurse. Many people would prefer that their loved ones get the hands-on attention that only a medical professional can give. Basic Carolina health insurance might not cover long-term care, but you can get a type of insurance specifically designed for people who will require long-term care later in life. Along with Medicare and Medicaid, a Carolina health insurance plan from, will help support your loved one if they need special attention.

Going to a Care Facility

Anyone who can’t live on their own can go to a special care facility. Daily nursing activities and physical therapy sessions will be performed under the supervision of medical personnel, so you don’t have to worry about your loved one being neglected. This is an excellent option if your loved one cannot perform daily activities by themselves. This includes cooking, cleaning, and using the bathroom. Care facilities are the most expensive option, but they provide the most comprehensive care. If your loved one can live on their own, but they need custodial care, you should consider looking into intermediate care.

Carolina Health Insurance and Intermediate Care

Many insurance companies offer a policy that covers the cost of receiving long-term intermediate care. If your loved one only needs occasional nursing and physical therapy by medical personnel, you should consider planning out a nursing schedule with the insurance company. A medical professional can arrive early in the morning to help out with basic daily activities that might be difficult for someone who’s old or recovering from a serious injury.


Many of these services include different types of therapy sessions with skilled nursing care. Speech, physical, and occupational therapy sessions are typically covered by Carolina health insurance.

What Is Long-Term Care Insurance Limited By?

While each insurance agency might offer similar plans, they all have different policies. It’s important to know when you or your loved one will be covered by your health insurance. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, your insurance company might not pay for long-term care. They insurance company will not pay for family caregivers either. Many mental and emotional diseases are not covered. Patents suffering from Alzheimer’s disease are not covered under many insurance policies, so be sure to ask your insurance agent about their Alzheimer’s coverage. Other disorders such as dementia are covered by most health plans, but many insurance agencies require that the patient stay in a long-term care facility.